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Pick a package that suits your needs


1 hour at the client’s home which includes: tips and advice from our experts, design ideas, and a hand sketched design plan for the project. Price range depends on complexity of project, location and drive time, plus timing constraints.


Construction Drawing

Professional 2D design drawing showing measurements and other details of the project. Price depends on complexity of drawing and details required.

3D Design

Full set of professional 3D conceptual design drawings showing the project from various angles including a walk through video. Which also includes a Design Drawing. The price will depend on complexity, size and details of project.

Permit Drawing

The permit ready drawings are done by a certified designer. Revisions requested by the Building Department, homeowner or contractor will be extra. This requires a 2D Design Drawing. Price depends on complexity of project.

Material List

A list of all materials required for the project including plants, hardscape materials, mulch, soil, sod, lights, etc.

Project Management

Our vast experience and expertise is what you are getting. We will oversee the construction of your project and ensure that it is built to our high standards.  Cost: 10-18% of the project value (as determined by us) – allows 1 site visit per week of build time. 

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