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Mike Everette

Landscape Forman

James Varanesi

Crew member

Sam Hummel

Crew member

Sam is a reliable crew member of our maintenance team, and he is helping our crew with his excellent maintenance skills and work ethic.

Tristan Collins

Crew member

Ryan Horner

Crew member

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Brandon Michael

Professional Landscape Designer

Brandon Michael - Professional Landscape Designer 

Over the last 27 years of his life, he has been involved in the landscape profession.

To help you with your next project, contact Brandon and he will be passionate and very honest in helping you improve your property.

Boyan Shen

Landscpe Designer

Blessed with an artistic eye, a passion for design, and extensive hands-on experience, Boyan has been in the landscaping industry over 10 years. Since graduating from Beijing Forestry University in 2007 with a B.S. in Urban Planning, his knowledge and experience in the landscape industry continues to grow. After he got a two-year diploma as a landscape technician from Niagara College, he began working for Gelderlands. He specializes in creating custom residential and commercial landscape designs in all sizes from small garden layouts to large property master plans.

Zhuo Wan

Landscape Designer & Estimator

Always focusing on aesthetics, function and details of a landscape design, Zhuo is making progress everyday. Zhuo achieved his Bachelor's Degree of Landscape Architecture from Hunan University in 2013. He then continued to learn the knowledge of being a Landscape Technician from Niagara College. He started to work for Gelderlands after his graduation. With his 7 years experience in the landscape industry, Zhuo has specialties in garden design, modeling and visual rendering.

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At Gelderlands, we are proud to work with many amazing companies. Here are just a few...

Immix Contracting is family-owned and operated by Joe and Jasmine Hawken.  Both are life-long residents of Burlington, Ontario with extensive roots in the community including extended family and close personal connections to a wide range of third-party partners whenever specialized equipment or skills are required on a jobsite.  We continue to expand with new faces, new equipment and an ever-expanding range of job experiences.

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